Cabin in the Woods Escape Room

Can you discover the murderer's identity before he returns?

Since we developed our memory implant technology we’ve been asked to solve various mysteries, but this one is probably our most sinister yet!

Known only as the silent slayer, this murderer has claimed numerous lives over the years, and now that we’ve aquired some DNA from one of the victims we can finally send you back to their last memory to see if you can discover the murderer’s true identity before the victim met their demise.

Don’t worry, we’re pretty sure this technology is safe and we can get you out of there before anything bad happens.

Our Escape rooms are perfect for team building events, stag/hen do’s, birthday parties, date night and much more!

**Please note – This room can be dark at times and may contain jump scares, we therefore recommend a minimum age of 14 years old to play this room!

Will you be lost in the woods?

You have 60 minutes to discover the identity of the murderer, and get out of there before they return!


All of our experiences are priced the same

— 2 people £25pp (£50)
— 3 people £20pp (£60)
— 4 people £20pp (£80)
— 5 people £20pp (£100)
— 6 people £19pp  (£114)
— 7 people £18pp (£126)

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What they say about our escape rooms...

    Cabin in the Woods Stuck in the Riddle  First time doing an escape room, picked Cabin in the Woods and was AMAZING! Jake the staff member was really good and easy to talk to (including me being a... read more

    Cabin in the Woods Stuck in the Riddle

    Cabin in the Woods Stuck in the Riddle  A brilliant experience, staff member was very friendly and welcoming,would definitely recommend to all ages


    Cabin in the Woods Stuck in the Riddle  Highly recommend, great service, great puzzles, great price, we went as a 5 and everyone had lots of things to do, we want to go back and try the other... read more

    Cabin in the Woods Stuck in the Riddle